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Carissa Mosley

I started out in front of the camera modeling at 17 years old and I quickly realized that while I loved doing TV and runway shows, being in front wasn’t really my thing. So naturally I turned to makeup.  I would devour all of the fashion magazines and practice the looks on myself. I remember even having my hands in it when I was a little girl, I could never stay away! Now here I am, over 12 years into this beautiful career and I wouldn’t change a thing.

The passion that I have for makeup and creating really comes out when the client is in my chair. Their face inspires me. It almost tells me exactly what to do. I love playfully adding pops of color or even painting a natural “no makeup” look that really makes the person shine through as the best version of themselves. The energy that’s exchanged during that encounter, mixed with the vision of the project, and precise execution from everyone involved guarantees magic each time. That’s what I live for!!!

I feel privileged to have been published domestically and internationally, as well as collaborating with fashion designers, commercial projects, music videos, and photo shoots.

I want to be a vessel that pours into each and every project I work on. A delightful bubbly energy that maintains the integrity of the project visually, in timing, and acute attention to detail. 

My name is Carissa Mosley and I can’t wait to create with you.